What is Merraki? A Modern Greek word, derived from the Turkish "Merak"

Merakk(n)i: Doing something with soul, creativity or love

when you put "something of yourself" into what you're doing whatever it may be

Services Offered

Unlock your property’s potential!

                    I offer expert guidance for hosts at every stage. Whether you’re a newbie with questions or a seasoned host facing challenges, I’m here to assist.  Let’s elevate your hospitality venture together!

Property Staging/Consultation


Whether you are converting a property to a short term/vacation rental or need to give your existing property an update, I will guide you in creating an ideal space for your guests with amenities that will make it stand out from the competition!

OTA Listing creation/redesign

Captivating online listings are essential for any vacation property’s success. We create eye-catching listings that showcase your property’s best features and desired amenities. Our expertise ensures your listing attracts the right guests, maximizing your bookings and business success

An example of our listings:





Website Consultation/Creation

We can offer advice on the  website development, guiding you through the process or we can create one for you using PromoteMyPlace.com. By having your own website, you can increase direct bookings, reducing reliance on OTAs (Online Travel Agencies). Whether you prefer a DIY approach or want us to handle it, we ensure your website showcases your rental at its best, attracting more guests and maximizing your revenue

Our websites:




Welcome Guidebook Creation



Crafted exclusively for our valued guests, this guide is tailored to ensure their stay with us is seamless and enjoyable. Past guests have found this resource incredibly helpful in planning their stay and have often shared glowing reviews as a result. We will email this guide to them upon booking. We can create one for you or you can do it on touchstay yourselves!

Marketing Consultation/Management


 Boost your short-term rental’s visibility and guest experience with our expert marketing management and consultation services. From crafting compelling social media campaigns to designing eye-catching promotional materials, we specialize in enhancing your property’s online presence. Let us optimize your marketing strategy, ensuring maximum bookings and satisfied guests during their stay



Streamline your short-term rental business with our efficient booking management services. We handle all aspects of reservations, ensuring seamless bookings, timely confirmations, and effortless communication with guests. With our expertise, you can focus on providing exceptional guest experiences while we take care of the booking logistics, maximizing your occupancy and revenue.

Choosing to work with me means choosing a partner deeply passionate about hospitality. 

I believe in personalized, heartfelt service, ensuring each visitor feels not just welcomed, but cherished. My dedication has resulted in loyal guests, glowing testimonials, and a reputation that speaks for itself.

By collaborating with me, you’re not just getting a hospitality expert; you’re gaining a dedicated ally committed to making your property stand out. Together, we’ll transform your space into a haven that guests can’t wait to return to. Let’s craft exceptional experiences and elevate your hospitality business to new heights.

“I am open to projects, within the hospitality industry, THAT AIM TO OFFER MORE THAN JUST A PLACE TO STAY!

Do you have such a project in mind? Wonderful! Are we a match? Maybe!

What can we do together? What’s your vision? What do you need? 


From heartfelt hospitality to insipiring others!


Ithaki House –  Meladeia Village/Cyprus 

Propertiy Management / Bookings Management / Marketing

Embarking on this journey into hospitality was born out of necessity; it was our means to transform our cherished dream of a holiday home into a reality. The need for our property to sustain itself financially pushed us into this realm. However, little did I know that fate had something extraordinary in store for me.

It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on this property, a moment etched in my memory: 29 November 2016. Accompanied by my Dad, we ventured to view a house for sale in Meladeia, a quaint village of just 20 inhabitants near my father’s birthplace. Meladeia holds a special place in my heart, as it’s close to my own childhood haven, Steni, where I spent blissful summers with my ‘yiayia’ (grandmother).

Welcoming guests into our home has become an immensely fulfilling experience.  Our journey in hospitality has become a destiny I wholeheartedly embrace.

Through dedicated efforts in marketing, social media, and the power of word-of-mouth, I have meticulously crafted a long-term image for Ithaki House. Each post, every interaction, and every recommendation shared has contributed to building a reputation that stands the test of time. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do what I love and receive such heartfelt response.


The HideAway –  Lasa Village/Paphos

Properties Management / Bookings Management / Marketing

In October 2022, I was introduced to Christina, the passionate owner of HideAway, by a mutual friend. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque village of Lasa, her rustic home has been transformed into a truly unforgettable short-term holiday paradise.
Christina’s dream was hindered by challenges in marketing, stemming from her limited English language proficiency and technical skills. Frustration peaked when she partnered with an agro-tourism rental company that proved to be far from ideal—resulting in significant financial loss and disappointment.
From the outset, Christina and I connected on every level, sharing not only the same values but also a deep love for our respective properties. Committed to delivering unparalleled hospitality, Christina’s dedication knows no bounds.
As her co-host, I’ve stepped in to assist Christina in all guest communications, both directly and through various platforms. I’ve meticulously crafted and now manage her vibrant Facebook page (www.facebook.com/HideAwayLasa) and designed her sleek website, www.hideawaylasa.com I also manage her airbnb listing
My role extends to comprehensive promotion across various media channels, coupled with efficient management of bookings and payments. Christina has witnessed a substantial increase in her revenue and guest 5 star reviews, a testament to our successful partnership. 

myLofou – Lofou/Limassol

Property Staging / Business Start – Up

In October 2020, I had the pleasure of meeting Georgia, a homeowner with a breathtaking property nestled in the charming village of Lofou. Eager to transform her house into a captivating short-term rental, Georgia faced the daunting task of renovation. With a blank canvas before us, she sought guidance on where to begin. We were introduced by a mutual friends, and from that moment on, there was no looking back!

Together, we assembled a dedicated team and embarked on a transformative journey. We meticulously renovated Georgia’s home, preserving its unique charm and character while tailoring it specifically for short-term holiday rentals. By defining the ideal customer base, implementing a strategic pricing approach, and skillfully listing the property on various online platforms as well as creating her own website (www.mylofou.com), we laid the foundation for success.

I’m thrilled to share that Georgia is now not only the proud owner of a stunning short-term rental but also a confident and knowledgeable host. Her property, now known as myLofou, stands as a testament to our collaborative effort.

My Journey in the Hospitality Industry

The most beautiful thing about hospitality is that once the guest arrives you know immediately whether we have done a good job. You notice it in a smile, in a sincere thank you or simply in their facial expression. It is incredibly rewarding to know that our guests feel that they made the right choice, that they loved their stay, sometimes they book to return before they depart!

Hospitality is never boring. Each stay holds a new challenge; it is different and varied. Personalization is key. Getting to know each guest and their preferences helps turn their experience to an exceptional one. When you put your heart and soul into something, the outcome can’t be anything less than special.   And that’s how we have built our Ithaki House and our reputation the last 6 years…  I have put so much of my soul into making Ithaki a dream holiday home.

Everyone says…“ Ithaki House is…Tis Christina’s to Merakki”.

I am very proud to know that we are not one of the many accommodation options out there. Our guests do not say… “we stayed in an amazing Airbnb”. Our customers say… “we stayed in an amazing holiday home, Ithaki House, in the idyllic village of Meladeia and we were looked after by Christina & Simos; before we left, we booked to go again next year…We highly recommend it!

I have met the most fascinating people and have made so many friends. Not just guests but also locals that support us and we support them. It feels so good to visit a restaurant or any establishment and be told…oh we know Ithaki House, we had your guests over a few days back! Thank you so much for supporting us!

It should not have been a surprise when I was asked to help others who wanted to get into the hospitality business. But I was very surprised when I was asked to present my journey to the hospitality industry in the BNB Conference in Athens in April 2022! 

If you care to read my block about this click here

If you would like a copy of my presentation click here

Thank you for reading all this! I hope we will work together !



“Ithaki has given you a marvelous journey. Without her I wouldn’t have set out.

Wise I have become, so full of experiences….”

“..with what pleasure, what joy,

you enter harbors you’re seeing for the first time;”

C.P.Cavafy . 

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