This is why we love Cyprus in the Winter!


Beautiful Climate – Feel like a Local -Wonderful Winter Food- Rich History – Great Cyprus Outdoors

When the heat ends and the summer season is over, people who have not yet been on vacation think: where should we go on holiday in late autumn or winter? Often, many tend to bind their journey to the traditional winter holidays. Well, Cyprus in winter is a GREAT decision too!

If you are a nature lover, happy to spend your days outdoors, Cyprus is a wonderful holiday destination in the winter. Without heat to worry about, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the great Cyprus Outdoors, whether that is sightseeing, activities and/or excursions.  In the same day, you can start your morning by visiting the snow-tipped pine forests in the Troodos Mountains and then, driving through vineyards, olive, carob, citrus fields, end up by the afternoon relaxing by the clear blue Mediterranean Sea. Every single guest visiting Cyprus in the Winter is truly amazed by the ease of reach and the diversity they encounter on a single day out!

Beautiful Climate

Enjoy mild climate and comfortable temperatures. Cyprus has one of the warmest climates and warmest winters in Europe’s Mediterranean part. The island enjoys abundant sunshine, and even in December and January, there is an average of six hours of bright sunshine per day.

Feel like a local!

Locals are even more welcoming than usual, as the pace of life is slower, meaning that there’s more time for human connection and hospitality. Feel like a local by visiting the traditional “caffenio” for a taste of Cyprus coffee or a frappe and chat with the locals. For sure you will learn so much about the area and the local customs, and most probably you will be offered a personal tour, an invitation to dinner and even learn all the secrets and gossip of the village!

Wonderful Winter Food

Cypriots love food and take it very seriously. We are actually often teased about “building houses as if we will live forever, yet eating as if there is no tomorrow”. Celebrations and family get-togethers are rarely without an army of little plates crowding the long tables: the ubiquitous and irresistible meze. Take gastronomic tours and buy the freshest olive oil and wine, enjoy the most succulent citrus fruit and bananas. Wine routes for the visiting explorer or wine-lover are a feast for the eye, the ears, and the taste-buds. Great rural restaurants offer delicious authentic Cyprus cuisine coupled with the famed Cypriot warmth and hospitality that makes the food even tastier! There are certain Cypriot dishes that taste even better during the winter. Avgolemoni (egg and lemon soup), trachana (goat-milk soup), keftethes (meatballs) and makaronia tou fournou (oven-baked macaroni) are just a few of our favorite dishes that are oh so much better when it’s cold outside.

Rich History

Cyprus is a living book of pictures taken from world history. 10,000 years of civilization gathered together on one island. It is said, “scratch the soil anywhere in Cyprus and you will find traces of its magnificent past“. This is no exaggeration. Paphos, a city rich in history and culture, is the gem of western Cyprus. Believed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, Paphos proudly boasts the remains of palaces, theatres, fortresses and tombs that belong to Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. There is also archaeological evidence supporting the city’s existence from the Neolithic period. The town of Paphos with the Mosaics palaces and Tombs of the Kings, is included in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world’s heritage. Additionally evidence of the island’s 10,000 years of history is scattered throughout the island, take your time to discover old churches, monasteries and monuments in all the lovely villages where time stood still.

The Great Outdoors

Already in January the first outbreaks of spring start to appear — the first orchids break into bloom, the fields around Ithaki are full of wild orchids. Fresh vegetation carpet starts blooming with rich green on hills and plains of Cyprus. Almond trees are in bloom and conditions are ideal for snow skiing on the Troodos mountain range. Akamas Peninsula Fauna is astonishing; in this spectacular environment there are 168 varieties of birds, 20 different reptiles, 16 species of butterfly and 12 different mammals not to mention its very rich variety of fauna. Enjoy walking, cycling, hiking at Adonis and Aphrodite’s Trails in Akamas Peninsula or at Cedar Valley & “Stavros tis Psokas” in Paphos Forest. The choices and discoveries are endless!

I could go on and on about what one can do in Cyprus in the winter.

All there is to say is to invite you to: “KOPIASTE”- EXPLORE – DISCOVER and fall in Love with Cyprus, and in the Winter time!


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